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Consultants of the Year - 2020
Company Name Description
3mark Services Evolving with the changing times, 3mark services has laid out unique strategies and innovative business plans for the company to thrive in the future including developing their social engagement and focusing more on their marketing vertical
Aamirav Aamirav is aiming to take a different approach and plans to build by focussing on their strengths and expertise for a more organic growth
Ace Investment Advisory Ace investment advisory is one premier financial management consultant that was established to provide quality services to people with a very clear logic on advising what is correct for an individual with respect to the requirements and appetite
Delcons Consultants India The unique quality of Delcons to interact humanely, execute techno-logically and deliver professionally could be termed as its USP that is the biggest differentiator that sets Delcons apart
Finkonnect Capital Advisors Llp Within the last decade Finkonnect has successfully diversified from growth advisory services to special situation advisory, distress mergers and acquisitions and more recently into insolvency & bankruptcy (IBC) advisory services
Forthius Consulting Forthius consulting thrives on honesty and strong ethics within the organization and outside the organization while being transparent to all the stakeholders, be it investors, business partners or team members
Gym Consultants India Gci Gym consultants India has created a five-step operational model that has proven to be quite effective when it comes to successfully implementing a profitable gym
Infovys Infovys is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers, helping businesses elevate their value through custom web security & app security, QA and consultancy services
Intellimechanics With its prosperous corporate experience in different industries and sectors, right from start-ups to fortune 500 firms, Intellimechanics is poised and prepared to overcome any challenge that its clients may put on the table
Knowgenix Global Technology Partners Llp Differentiating itself from others in the same space KnowGenix global technology partners designs and tailors its approach to fit the requirement of its clients
Owlspriority Immigration Owlspriorty immigration endeavours in educating prospective aspirants on the risks of immigration frauds and the benefits of the legal representation process.
Perfect Relations The uniqueness and quality of their services combined with their ability to incorporate advances in AI, deep data mining and media research combined with market intelligence into their services has helped perfect relations to create a niche in the market.
Surmount Business Advisors Surmount business advisors ensure that the purpose of engaging with them is met anyhow and their clients’ operations are benefited in the way intended